Rewind: Benny’s 2011 Trip to Vancouver

Benny's 2011 Vancouver trip included a happy homemade chocolate scone!

Oops.  I’m realizing now that 2011 is almost over, I have a lot of pics I wanted to share but haven’t yet worked on.

This past July Benny came down to visit me since we were too busy to visit T.O.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to entertain him due to my work.  Well, we gave him a bike he entertained himself!  He biked everywhere (I didn’t realize Vancouver was so bike-able) and learned downtown  history, picked out favourite coffee shops, jammed on the guitar and … he COOKED for US.   He’s so awesome ❤

I got to really enjoy Vancouver in a new and more active way.  I had so much fun.  Thanks Benny!

Some key moments for you to remember:

  • Got me to run from Urban Fare to English Bay Aqua Bus (I can’t believe I did it)
  • Biked on Granville Bridge – won’t ever do that ever again!
  • Thomas Haas – the pear gallette has usurped the butter croissant
  • Aquarium
  • You biked all through North and West Van, Point Grey, and all downtown Vancouver, Richmond Dyke to Steveston
  • Guu,  Samba, Twisted Fork, Pajo’s
  • The never ending skewers done in 3 flavours (greek, soy, fish sauce)
  • Figuring out ‘The Cave’ on guitar and playing it with the new amp
  • Mink’s frozen chocolate drinks
  • Your first Dutch Baby (it’s a cross between a pancake and yorkshire pudding)
  • Scott’s evil bike that scratched everyone who tried to ride it
  • Siegel’s bagels, Ivy’s chocolate donuts, gelato
  • Row-boating in False Creek

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