Rewind: 2011 Birthday + Misc

My Happy Birthday - Card from Ivy

Okay, last day to get in a rewind post for 2011.

Here’s one about my birthday.  This year was made extra special by Scott,  my sweet girl Ivy and my super-awesome brothers ❤

Toiling away at work the week before my birthday, Ivy sends me this mysterious message that I should look out for a surprise visit from a gnome.  All morning I nervously checked my shoulder.  The last time someone said something like that I got a nasty shock from behind.

Blue-bird cake pops

Noon rolled around and I get a message from security that someone is downstairs to visit.  Lo and behold I’m greeted by shiny star balloons, cake, a happy birthday banner held up by Ivy and John and a box of 30 or so blue-bird cake pops!  I choked, it was so unexpected and sweet.  This was just part 1.

On the day of, Scott took me to Isakaya and we enjoyed a wonderful meal there.  I think I saw Joshua Jackson, but it could have been a look-alike.

That week I got in the mail from my brothers something rather unexpected:

Always Reach for the Stars

An autographed pic of Teddy encouraging me to “Reach for the Stars”.   I laughed tears.  Benny tells me they had Teddy stand in the washroom tirelessly doing manic pose after pose until they found “the one”.  I keep it on our dining table for daily inspiration.

Part 2 of Ivy’s Birthday celebrations was brunch at Ivy and John’s place where they presented us with breakfast platters where they went…well, overboard as usual 🙂

Ivy showed off her fancy new cake-making skills.  She even whipped several iterations to until she was happy with it.

Breakfast platters done Ivy and John style

This year I am overwhelmed by the support and love my family and friends have showed me in a year I couldn’t devote much time with them.

It’s not in the things they’ve bought but in the care they put behind what they do.  I’m going to tear up again.  Loves.


This is last post for 2011 so I’ve included a variety of pictures taken of Ivy and John’s place over the summer.

It  includes Ivy’s not-an-addiction-to-222s, “newly” acquired white model.

Looking forward to 2012.  Have a good one everyone.

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