New Game! Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy - They have done me proud

Rogue Legacy – They have done me proud

Today is the release of Kenny and Teddy’s latest game: Rogue Legacy, on Steam.  The internet can tell you better about the game than I can.

Almost 2 years ago Kenny spoke to me about doing a big project.  He wasn’t sure what yet.  They wanted to venture out of Flash games market into something more serious.   I was nervous.   His prior non-flash experience was dedicating his life for 4 intense months on a Dream-Build-Play demo build of a game called Band of Bears.   He gave up his job to work on it full time, with Teddy and two others helping in their spare time.  A lot of sweat and tears went into making it.  It was a passion project that sadly didn’t go anywhere.

Kenny decided it was worth the risk to try again or regret never trying. Unfortunately, he and Teddy had to fund the game entirely out of their own pockets.  There was no Kickstarter to help them make this game a reality.   They contracted the work of an artist and 2 musicians  (who are all amazing by the way).   They had to live frugally and used up all their savings.  Kenny dedicated a year and half to making the engine to this game and Teddy designed, tuned and QAed the game when he wasn’t at work.  I didn’t and couldn’t help them 😦  I was surprised like everyone else when I saw the public trailer for the game (Benny made):

WHAAT?? My brothers made that??!!  That’s amazing and the main character is so cute!!

The popularity has taken them by surprise.  Their fans are chomping at the bit to play it.  I am reading comments on their Steam Greenlight page where people are counting down the hours.  I still can’t believe it myself.

Kenny and Teddy are exhausted.   They have worked night and day on the game.  Beyond that, they had more work than they expected to go through the Steam Greenlight process, market the game, answer fan questions, appease fans, add fan recommendations, make a demo, handle angry twitter messages, fix lots of last minute bugs, etc.  They’re a team of 2.  I wish people who were angry that they didn’t release the game when it got green-lit would understand they never meant to mislead anyone and have tried hard to adhere to everything they had committed to, despite all this extra unexpected work.

By far, the hardest thing to read on the internet have been the angry twitter messages by people are determined to think that they had bad intentions featuring traits like dyslexia.   The traits are there for gameplay mechanics.  Some are neutral, some are to your advantage, and some provide challenges, but they show anyone can be a hero.

I can see how some people get into a certain mindset and look at things negatively.  Their intention is good, to make the world a better place, but they don’t realize that they have sticks up their butts and they’re spreading negativity in an opportunity to spread positiv-ity (not a real word but you know what I mean).

Regardless if this game does well, or had garnered the attention it has, they know I’m very proud of them.  They are honest, hardworking, and ensure credit goes to the proper persons.  They always heap deserving praises on their artist and their musicians (soundtrack is amazing by the way and worth buying) in their interviews.  Good on them.

The roller coaster ride isn’t over yet!  3.5 more hours, then I’m sure some other fire will arise.

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