Ikea Droppar Spice Jar Review

Image is from Ikea.com 2 jars for 3.99 canadian

Droppar Spice Jars.  2 for 3.99 Cdn.  Gosh they look pretty.
The jar is partly frosted glass and the lid is a gasket – just pop it off.   Image is from Ikea.com

I’m on the hunt for spice jars.  I’ve been on the hunt for awhile.  These new Ikea Droppar jars looked promising.  Online reviews mainly gushed that they were sleek, and they do look sleek…but are they functional?

The gasket style promises quick open-and-close functionality and air-tightness.  It does look really nice with its thick stainless steel lid and glass jar.  I had high hopes, but this is where all the positives end 😦

Failure 1: It makes a huge mess.  The gasket seal is supposed to squeeze air out.  This means when the lid pops open, spice flies everywhere.   The tighter the seal and the quicker you pop it open, the larger the mess! (See below)

Spice everywhere :(

With a quick gesture, I opened the spice container.  Spice poofed up and landed everywhere 😦

Even with gentle normal opening leaves spice all over.

I then tried to open it in a more controlled, slow manner – spice still poofed all over.

Spice on the rims.

Spice also gets on the rims when the jar is opened.  This will quickly accumulate and gunk up.

Failure 2: The gasket isn’t very tight :/  I could not lift the jar any distance before the lid fell off the jar. (No picture)

Failure 3:  The frosted glass gets dirty.  It collects dirt from fingers, which is hard to wipe off, leaves water-marks, and looks bad when there’s water on it. (See below)

2013 Droppar Review-1180001

You can see where water had dried from my thumb print on the frosted glass. At Ikea, the sample Droppar’s frosted glass was black from all the times people picked it up.

This is really minor:  Water causes the frosted glass to go clear.  Eventually it will dry, but leave behind water marks as seen above.

This is really minor: Water causes the frosted glass to go clear. Eventually it will dry, but leave behind water marks as seen above.

Conclusion:  It’s really only functional to hold non-powdered spice.  That leaves us with Bay leaves and Cinnamon sticks.

Ok, maybe not cinnamon sticks.  That lid isn't going to close.  Cinnamon sticks are from "No Name" brand spice available at lob laws and Superstore.

That lid isn’t going to close. These cinnamon sticks aren’t abnormally long either.  They are from the bulk “No Name” brand spice available at Loblaws and Superstore.

Scratch that, that leaves us only with Bay leaves. 😦  I am really disappointed.

People drop a lot of money to organize their spices.  I hope this review helps someone before they invest.

7 thoughts on “Ikea Droppar Spice Jar Review

  1. Ivy says:

    This is a very thorough review. Good things to know for general purchasing as well. Any other ideas for spice jars? Michaels has the cute sealing jar in the wedding section.

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