The Great Cookie Caper!

The Great Cookie Caper!

The Great Cookie Caper!

Maison Haisell hosted a cookie exchange this year.  Ivy couldn’t attend a friend’s cookie exchange but really wanted to have one.  It was a last-minute switch-a-roo from a cake exchange.

The internet showed me a bear pattern for cookies.  It was so adorable I had to try it myself.  It was a lot harder than it looks to have the bears centred and not deformed.  This was my second batch, which looked substantially better than the first:

2014 Cookie Exchange-7787

Shortbread bear cookies

I used Black and Gold’s 85% chocolate bar, melted, to make the faces.  They still rubbed off  even after cooling.  Next time I’ll try Wilton’s cookie decorating icing instead.

The second cookie I attempted was this:

Chocolate chip peanut butter nutella swirl

Chocolate chip peanut butter nutella swirl

I really liked it myself and decided to make some for work (forgoing the peanut butter the second time) and it was immensely popular.  Normally my cookies aren’t that great, but this batch had people who could care less about cookies loving it.  They rocked a texture similar to Subway’s cookies.

I’ll post the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies next time.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the potluck and cookies.  They were all so fabulous!

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