Photobook Canada – 6×6 Softcover Review

My 6x6 Softcover Photobook Canada Review

My 6×6 Softcover ‘Photobook Canada’ Review

Over the holidays I composed a book that detailed my brother’s journey to drawing ‘Monkey and Dee’.  I used Photobook Canada because I bought a Groupon for a 6×6 Softcover Review.  (I also made a 11×11 hardcover version for Benny, but it’s with him and not with me.  I can still make some comparisons though).

Now that it’s here. I’m going to do a little review.

The Cover


The first page is bleeding through the cover

The cover is the same or a bit thinner than the photo paper.  There is no white paper to separate the cover from the first page which the hard cover books give.

The cover is the same, or a bit thinner, than the photo paper. There is no white paper to separate the cover from the first page which the hardcover books give.

I edited the very first image so you can’t see the bleed from the other page.  However, the above picture is what it looks like in person.  The cover even feels slightly thinner than the photo pages themselves.  I made a Blurb Softcover book a few years ago for my brother and the cover was definitely thicker than the pages.  The thinness of this cover makes it feel cheap, like I used regular paper and created a prototype book.

The Binding

Monkey and Dee Photobook Canada Review - 10

I only just got it so I can’t attest to its longevity.  It looks like it’s glued, which the Blurb book was also.  However, what was lacking was the software dictating how much space I should leave so text is legible near the binding.  I left a little bit of leeway near the binding but that wasn’t enough.

I can barely read the edges of text and this was with me purposefully leaving a gap.

I can barely read the edges of text and this was with me purposefully leaving a gap.

The hardcover 11×11 mode visually shows you where the bend is so I could properly account for it (even then it was a bit close), but the hardcover also uses sewn binding so you can actually open the book wider and see text closer to the binding.

The Spine

The Spine

The Spine

It’s a little high.  It’s a little higher than the software said it would be.  I made a ‘Photobook Canada’ hardcover book in the past and spine text was a little too low.  I guess I over-compensated.

The Pages

Monkey and Dee Photobook Canada Review - 03

Monkey and Dee Photobook Canada Review - 08

They are thick and nicely laminated. The quality feels high, except the fact that there’s so much bleed through the pages.  The text is sharp.  Blurb’s pages (Premium Lustre) were thinner, but still glossy yet didn’t have a laminated feel.  It’s a matter of preference in this case.

Final Page

I didn’t see an option to remove this page.  Might be an issue if you try to make a professional-looking photo book.

Mandatory? last page.

Mandatory? last page.


I bought my Groupon for $7.  It seemed like such a great deal until I realized shipping was $9.  Still, I can’t complain as generally it’s pretty cheap to make a book with them.


For softcover books I would stick with Blurb.  I was very happy with the quality.  Mind you, I last did a softcover book with them 6 years ago.  For Photobook Canada, their price is very good (there’s always a sale – just watch out for shipping cost!), but I would only do hardcover books with them.  I would also allow greater bind allowance than what the software shows, even for the hardcover books.  Between Blurb and Photobook, if cost weren’t an issue, I’d still go with Blurb.  That’s mainly because I’m biased towards the only option Photobook Canada still doesn’t offer: Dust Jackets.

I have still yet to try other photobook printing companies.

Monkey and Dee Photobook Canada Review - 02

5 thoughts on “Photobook Canada – 6×6 Softcover Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    This book is great! A riveting tale of growth, discovery and the occasional zombie. Also it has really cute pictures, so even children will enjoy it. 5 Stars.

    • paradeofapples says:

      My memory eludes me, but my brother tells me his 11×11 hardcover had some minor ghosting – so yes, but much less. If you opt for thicker paper stock that should fix that. I was much more impressed with the quality of the hardcover book.

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