Nuvango Pillow Review

RL Bear Pillow-0622

Review of the custom Nuvango Pillow

For Kenny’s birthday I designed custom pillows and had them printed by Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins).  At $49 usd each (plus shipping – $15 for two – which is the same price for 1), it’s an investment!

Here’s my review of the process and result.  Mind you – I didn’t get to try them out myself, so it’s based on what my brothers thought of the quality.


It’s simple.  You upload art and you can choose to resize it or move it around.  I discovered it’s lacking options like supporting transparency, or the option to have it printed on only one side.  It does offer a limited number of backgrounds though, if your art is smaller than the pillow size.


My brothers said the pillow felt very high quality.  I can see a linen-like texture in the pictures, which I’m very happy about. I hope it’s not actually linen (since linen pills) but we’ll see. The colours look quite accurate and it’s also very plush.

RL Bear Pillow-0604

While being plushy is a pro, it’s also a con. The image of what I ordered did not match what I expected because of how plush it is:

This is what I thought I would see when I look at it head-on.

This is what I thought I would see if I were to look at it directly. Notice the Bear and Chicken are both in full view.  But in reality, you can’t see the Chicken very much.

Cleaning it is something I haven’t tried yet.  I’ll update this review if I ever find out.  It does have a zipper, so it should be possible – although the colours may bleed, so I’d only wash it if something pooped on it and there’s no other choice.

Concealed zipper

Concealed zipper on bottom

Would I do it again?  Yup, unless the Canadian dollar decides to recede even more. 😛 They are a Toronto-based company, so while I was happy to support business at home, I wish it was in Canadian dollars!

Also, I looked out for a discount on Canada Day. There was none.  I also checked on Independence Day, and there was also none.  At least it was fair that way.

Thanks Benny for the pics!

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