Canning Fruit For the First Time

2013 Canning-0970

Cherries in red wine syrup canned in weck jars

Ivy said, “hey, let’s do canning!” and I’m thinking “ehhh” because I don’t really like jam and Ivy didn’t want to can asparagus.  Then she gave me a glass of carbonated water with canned cherries in a red wine syrup, and I’m thinking, “how soon?”. Continue reading

Steamed Asian-Styled Red Snapper with Watercress and Quinoa


Fresh-steamed wild Red Snapper on a bed of watercress and a spring quinoa medley

I tried to make it sound and look fancy (food-styling is freaking hard)!  Did I succeed any?

Normally any fish dish done by me equals epic failure.   To this day I am still haunted by microwaving Cod at work and the entire floor of 160 people wondering who gutted the fish?  Well, happily this post is about a successful dish. Continue reading