New Game! Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy - They have done me proud

Rogue Legacy – They have done me proud

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New Game! I Have One Day

New adventure game from Cellar Door Games

The new games my brother has worked on is live!  It’s an adventure game in the vein of old-school favourites like Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island 1 and 2.  It’s got a unique twist in that you can move forward and backward in time.

It’s quirky, well-paced, has multiple endings, logical puzzles, requires a very short time-commitment, and has NO FILLER like stupid mazes, long travel times, or ridiculous pixel-hunting.  If you’re even a remote fan of the old-school games, this is a must-try.

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The Coincidence of Last Night


Last night I was at work a bit late trying to help fix a broken build (work-speak).  Just as we were finishing up one of my co-workers, Jordan, was mentioning to another (Rosh) about dsyp (nsfw or families).  Rosh said, “Hey I think Jenny’s brothers made that game”.  I said, ya!  (I also made a quick plug for MFQT).   Jordan said his friend from Toronto told him his friends made dsyp (didn’t ask for name).  Weird coincidence!  We finished up and parted ways.  I went to Scott’s co-worker’s BBQ.  At some point someone was talking about pooping (I had phased out a bit as I was desperately sleepy and thought they were talking about real life).  Scott suddenly intervened and said, “Jenny’s brothers made that game”.  Again, they were talking about dsyp!  They were astounded.  Jon quipped, “The world just got smaller”.  Indeed.

Cutest Space Man Ever

Quantum space man

My brothers game is now live on newgrounds!

Words can’t describe how proud I am.   They’re extremely talented.  The game is fun and ridiculously cute.  This is their second game.  It’s challenging, but just like their first one, completely worth the playthrough.  They don’t let their fans down.

Their first one is Not Suitable for Work or Children, but brilliant for the audience it was intended for.