Kale Chips


Cashew and red pepper kale chips


Let me clarify this right off the bat. They’re not ‘chips’ like how you think of chips.  As with all raw food, I’ve never had any of these dishes taste anything remotely like their cooked counter-part.  They simply have their own flavour and texture.  These being dehydrated will never be crispy like chips.  I would describe them as being a pliable-crispiness.  Or as Scott describes it: Soft crispy. Continue reading

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies

It all began when I was looking for a way to be less tired.  I was yawning from morning until night and my brain was fuzzy.

A year prior I had tried Dr. Joshi’s 21 day cleanse.  I got a minute energy improvement, lost 2lbs (which is very difficult for me to do), and it changed my palate.  I didn’t crave for carbs and fried foods like I did before.  I could say no. Despite that it was hard to follow.  It did though, get me interested in food and the role it plays in our physical and mental health.

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Dehydrating apples

I love a good taste test.  When I went to dehydrate apples for the first time, I had to try more than one type.

The Victims

The candidates in the left-most column are: royal gala, cameo, jazz, and braeburn.  In column two is: fuji, granny smith, and cripps pink.

My dehydrator is a 6-shelved good4u.  It has a 40 hour timer and I only dehydrate at night as it makes a humming sound when it’s on.  I can dehydrate 8-9 apples with it.

Note: The excalibur is the de-facto choice for raw foodists (the ultimate dehydrator user). However I couldn’t justify the cost, so I went with the good4u which also received high praise.  It was also claimed to be quieter too.  I had to buy it in the States and ask someone to send it up as it’s $45 before duty or tax for shipping 😦

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