Ikea Droppar Spice Jar Review

Image is from Ikea.com 2 jars for 3.99 canadian

Droppar Spice Jars.  2 for 3.99 Cdn.  Gosh they look pretty.
The jar is partly frosted glass and the lid is a gasket – just pop it off.   Image is from Ikea.com

I’m on the hunt for spice jars.  I’ve been on the hunt for awhile.  These new Ikea Droppar jars looked promising.  Online reviews mainly gushed that they were sleek, and they do look sleek…but are they functional?

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Tayto Crisps!

Crisps are chips in Europe. Tayto is sworn by many to be the world's best crisp.

Today’s post goes international with food from across the ocean.  Crisps!  In January my friend Rosh was kind enough to share one of his most prized items he brought back from Ireland.  Tayto crisps!  Over there, crisps == chips.  (In North America we refer to crisps as anything made from reconstituted dehydrated potato flakes, like Pringles).   I eat chips so rarely, I decided the best way to explain how they tasted was to compare their flavour and texture to popular brands from here.

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Comparing Janome Bobbins

Top to bottom: 'Authentic' Janome bobbin, bobbin that came with machine, and Kenmore bobbin

My machine came with 4 bobbins.  When I ran out I panicked.  There’s no Janome dealer near me.  It would take weeks to get one if I ordered online.  I had read that Janome makes Kenmore machines and that their bobbins were interchange-able, so I bought one package just to see.

Recently I yet again needed more bobbins and people on the interweb swore that paying more for authentic Janome bobbins was worth it over generic class 15 ones.

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Grilled Pizza

Homemade Thin Crust Pizza

I blame Il Fornello in Toronto for introducing me to thin crust (and expensive) original Italian-style Margherita pizza.   It was $7 for a 6 inch pizza!  It was worth every dollar.  I could not believe I was enjoying a pizza so much with nothing but a light topping of cheese, basil and tomato sauce on it.  Where was the meat?  The pineapple? The excessive amount of mozzarella?

Shortly after I left for University and that would be my only time trying a thin crust pizza for 6 years.  In 2004 I took a trip to Italy.  Thin crust pizza delight!  It didn’t quite taste the same though.  Perhaps nothing can ever taste quite as good as the first time.

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