Sewing Tip #2 – Don’t Pre-wash Cotton Batting in Machine

Warm & Natural Needled Cotton pre-washed in a machine on delicate. Just don't do it.

I’m sure somewhere someone else has wondered if hand washing, then soaking, then manually squeezing cotton batting == delicate cycle in washing machine.

No.  It does not.  It equals ripped batting, cotton fluff balls stuck to everything, everywhere, which in turn means lots and lots of de-fuzzing and vacuuming.

Curiosity killed my batting.  Don’t let it kill yours.

Sewing Tip #1 – Getting Wrinkles Out

This cotton had been machine washed, dried, folded and stored away until I started on the blanket. It came out very wrinkly.

This is probably super-obvious to those who’ve done it before but it wasn’t for me.

This is the cotton top I used for Our First Blanket.  It was super-wrinkly.   I asked Ivy how she got her fabric all nice and smooth.   John does all the ironing and delights in the results.  Soooo I needed to get a boyfriend who loved ironing.  Scott probably wouldn’t approve since said boyfriend would also be a Blue Jays fan.

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